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Living in a visual culture where images are omnipresent and permeate all over our computer screens and mobile devices, we have forgotten to look closely and critically at what is shown and visually told to us. As a medium of communication, the power of the image lies in its orthopedic function, imagining identies and establishing borders for exclusion and inclusion. The social and cultural discourse led by images in mass media which is often categorizing what is dichotomously sensed to be normal or unnormal, male ore female, right or wrong etc. needs to be carefully experienced, critically addressed and analysed, as well as constructed and deconstructed anew by visual art. Being and becoming aware of the manipulative effects of "the public image", there is a great need for investigation and analysis of the intentions and motives of iconographic forms of mass communication. In my work, I therefore concentrate on the ethics of what is shown and displayed for which purpose and reason and how it is perceived by the viewer, influencing and constructing social and cultural realities.

Images, Social Media and the Political

Edition on the Relationship between the Visual and the Political in Social Media

s p o n d e o - Lost Oaths in Academia

Artistic Research Project/ Film on Taboos in Academia


Volume... coming soon!

Imagining Taboos

Research Project - Visualization of the Unspoken in Academia

nightmode - universities@night

Artistic Research Project/ Photography on Late-Night Culture  

From Finding to Understanding Vivian Maier

Research Project - Female Gaze

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